Friday, March 31, 2006

Show Me Yours

I didn't really want to leave my friend, Mary-Beth, alone back at the folk's house. But I knew if I didn't I wouldn't be able to explore more of what life has to offer. Besides, she wanted me to go. Said that she would blame herself if I didn't go after what I believe in. Explore the world over.

After I had purchase my bus fare to Hollywood, I begin to feel the tension mounting, soon after I made my grand entrance inside the long gray bus with a dog on each side, chasing after something I had no control over. Eyes became more evident of what I have become. Straying and straining of what I had on under my tight, black leather skirt Mary bought me two days before my departure.

Planting my firm ass at the rear of the bus where I soon listen to the eerie sound the bus made just before we left the depot. Figuring out what Mary meant when she said, "You will be a star someday." Due to the roaming eyes of the sea, seated directly across the isle that seems nervous, but ready for action, at any price. As I study the blankness on his Italian face and the perky tent forming in his loose trousers that seemed fashionable for any occasion.

Eyes were getting lazy. Tired and weaken by this gentlemen's casual stares which he would casts, from time to time. In the general direction of my matching leather vest and eventually down onto my lap where I begin to perspire. Even when I close my eyes I can still see him looking over at me. Thinking out loud, of how many ways he could perform oral sex with me.

Trying desperately to rid these thoughts racing through my mind, visions of how I would want him to stroke my pussy, or directions in which my bosoms should be rotated once day turns into night.

Traveling these highways, back- roads, and back onto another route. Feeling faint and fruitful as I would awaken from a brief nap in a cold sweat and glance over my shoulder to his swelling I simply couldn't avoid not seeing...anymore!

"Miss. You ride alone?" He asks, studying the opening of my vest as if he yearns to taste the perfume, Mad Passion, from my irresistible breast size that captures his romantic lids to such perfection.

"Yes. Ah, all alone." I reply. Finding myself Staring down onto his enormous bulge, full of life, that made my knees tremble and mouth dry of such envy. Not to mention my wet pussy craving his obnoxious shaft, which makes me, tingle to the thought of me climbing aboard his vessel. Figuring out a way to examine more of him without anyone else noticing where my radiant eyes were yearning to be at, this very moment. Then realizing he was taken, from the silver ring on his finger, knowing I wouldn't like it if my spouse were to engage another member of the opposite genre. But he was different than most men I have been with. Charming, inventive, and so polite with his words. Tone that encourages me to jump his hard boner or simply direct his attention to my sheik slender legs that I unconsciously begin to expose the harder his eyes were, looking, taping into my well of life.

"I think you're a beautiful creature, Miss." He says. Again gazing atop my breasts and down onto my orchard that I wanted so desperately to give him. And reside the role of Juliet.

"Thank you. You're a true gentleman." I said, worshiping him with my eyes, like he were some prince out of a fairy tale.

(2 hours later)

I had woken from a nap when suddenly I broke out in hives. Shifting my eyes over to see him sleeping, but to my surprise wasn't sleeping at all. But rather stalking me in the dark, figuring my eyes were still shut as he had taken his vital organ from his britches and masturbates while gloating over my affectionate torso. Damn! He made me so horny that I began to finger myself under my squeaky skirt, posing as a bimbo, whore, when my back fell against the window and my legs tossed over the outer arm rest where I watch him jack-off while his beady baby-blues were all over me. Especially under my leather where I'd lured his eyes to with my foolish behavior this stranger couldn't seem to get enough of my hair womb. Posing a threat to his bodily functions when he read my lips that were say, "Do you want to eat me?" Using my finger as a guide.

Nodding as he shifts his eyes all around the restless sleepers and those that were snoring that I could use to our advantage.

Suddenly this stranger was all over me. Rubbing my hairy puss. Kissing my lips as he slid the muscle inside me. Soothing the anxiety in my bosoms with such massaging effect as I went down on him to enjoy the lusty cherry knob that excites me into not just any raging affair. Giving him my all, and he delivering what my body had craved, since our eyes met.

"Umm." I gestured. Feeling the excitement in his strokes while I thrust upwards as to try and regain control over this mad man interested in my, now, soaked pussy that begs him not to stop until I finish fucking his cock raw. Raging in fear and pleasure as I sent my taste buds down his throat, and we on the floor, rolling around, scooting me up the isle with his shaft pumping like two twin engines.

Feeling good inside when I grasp hold of the chair leg behind me. Anticipating such a surge that made us both cum instantly.

"Oh, let me suck the cum off your rod." I said, with sweat dripping down the opening of my vest.

Returning to his seat as I fell to my knees and took him into my mouth. Scraping the flesh with my teeth. Tonguing the head. Teasing his large balls. Bobbing up and down slow at first. Then sucking it viciously until I felt him squirt down my windpipe, as I grew even more excited when I looked from his enormous cock and up to his facial expressions that made me tingle all over again. Knowing I was turning him of with each gulp of his heated climax.

"Umm, did you like that?" I said, seductively.

"Yes I did enjoy your mouth locking my cock between your teeth." He answers, after a third gasp.

Slithering up between his legs until I was aroused by his tight grips on my exposed teats. Retaliating as I lower myself down onto his slippery cock and begin yet another type of sex therapy that consists: one pussy, one dick, and a smile. Smile that answers my question of, "Was I good?" Answering with suttee, "Oh yeah!" That made me go down on him again.

Suddenly the bus came to a halt. So I quickly dismount him and returned to my seat where I ask him, "Are you"

"Oh yeah." He said, as I study where his left hand was. Indeed getting himself off right before me. Before he retreats from the bus, knowing I will never see him again.

Two more hours before we arrive in Hollywood California. When yet another night was vastly appealing to me. Especially after a young lad, 18, captures my attention in such a selfish way. Like I wanted his virginity. Bury his blushing face between my knockers that I allow his eyes to venture to, just before we were to exchange buses, taking him into the ladies room and raping him on the floor. Knowing I only had ten minutes to get-him-off before the bus pulls out.

"Lady, I don't won't it." He cried.

"Too bad baby...I do!!" I said, pinning his arms out over his head. Thriving on the kids expressions as I raise up my skirt to allow his brows to rise, along with something else, as I leant over to kiss him softly while I inject his small penis inside my pool of riches and screw him until he cries, touches my breasts, and says my name, "Kathleen" and tells me I am the best lay he will ever encounter.

"Ok, you can leave now." I said, waiting for him to rush for the door. Then reaching out to grab him by the collar and plant his near nude body against the chilly tile wall where I fucked him again. Except this time with a small audience at our back.

"Way to go kid." One guy shouts, as he storms out the door. Leaving me fulfilled as I chuckle all the way back to the bus that was about to shove off.

"I'm ready now sweetie." I said, running the back of my hand across the elderly driver's cheek as I pass by. Where I stalk yet another prey, handsome guy, straight ahead, and looking good. As I lick the gloss from my heated chops.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The fresh spring air filled her lungs as she maintained her pace. The sun had just set in the soft western sky and as predicted, it looked to be a very clear night again. The more brilliant stars were beginning to let themselves be seen and the crescent moon twinkled in the evening twilight. She slowed her pace to a soft walk, beginning her cool down before reaching home. As she turned the corner at Elmwood, she felt the chill of the night against the sweat that covered her neck. Pulling her hood up over her long auburn hair, she quickened her pace to the house. She arrived to the door just as she heard her the neighbor's dog barking insistently. A soft 'Be quiet' and the dog seemed to listen but he was not happy about something and seemed very restless.

She opened the door to the house and was suddenly aware that she had not used her key. One of her harebrained roommates had left the door unlocked, again! Sometimes she wished she didn't have to have them, but between the rent and student loan payments, her salary didn't always make do. She removed the ballcap that she always ran in, a gift from a very dear friend, pulled her hood up over her head as she headed for her room, and ultimately her shower. She climbed the stairs, something that was very difficult during her recovery. She entered her bedroom, just off the computer room, and tossed her sweatshirt into the dirty clothesbasket. Well, NEAR the clothesbasket anyway. The Nike sports bra was also soaked from her run. She sat in the edge of the bed untying her running shoes and slowly removed them and rubbed her socked feet. They were only a little tender compared to the first week after she started running again. She removed her socks and let them fall on top of the sweatshirt. Her running sweatpants came off next as she headed for the bathroom and the warmth and refreshment of the hot shower awaiting her. As she passed by the mirror she caught herself glancing into it. Not bad. But then again she always did have a pretty nice body. Running track in high school and she took care of herself, refusing to let herself go to pot.

Entering the bathroom she flipped on the light and fan, reached in and began the hot water of the shower. Steam was coming out of the shower area when she removed her bra and workout shorts. The matching dark green set was her favorite. Letting them fall to the floor she climbed in under the showerhead sitting in its holder above her head. The handheld shower massager was one of the best things she had ever invested in. It worked on everything, sore muscles, great for rinsing her thick hair, and even when she needed some special attention for other parts of her body. She was remembering the need to feel that massager one night not too long ago after talking with a very special friend on the computer. She had let him know that she was in a very aroused mood and he had responded by sending her the most erotic messages she had ever received. That night she was very glad to have a lot of hot water!

The hot shower felt wonderful and as she washed her, she was delighted to feel the strength growing back in her calves. She began to soap her legs, starting on her thighs and then running her hands down each calf, then back up over her she bent over the warm water ran right down between her tight little ass cheeks, right over her sensitive ass. The sensations got the best of her and as she straightened up...her hand came up to her soft mound of hair and she began to gently wash herself with the natural sponge. As much as she loved the feel of the sponge on her sensitive areas, she could hardly wait for the feel of the warm jets from her handheld massager.

Placing one foot up on the edge of the tub, she began to rinse the soapy film off her body. First, her chest, the pulsing jets against her hardening nipples sent ripples of pleasure down her spine, then down her stomach to the soft mound of hair below. After rinsing her legs completely, she brought the spray back up to her very wet nether lips. Gently spreading them with your fingers, she directed the warm pulses right onto her hardened clit. The intensity was almost more than she could handle. She leaned against the wall of the shower as she redirected the pulses right at the sensitive inner lips exposed by her fingers. Waves of pleasure begin to spread across her body. The orgasm started to hit her and she cried out softly, almost biting her lip as she moved the water back up to her clit. The moment the first pulse made contact with her spasming clit; she could not hold back the deep moan.

She barely stopped herself from collapsing on to the floor of the shower. The sensations caused colors to stream across her eyes as she squeezed them shut with the waves of pleasure rushing through her body. She shut the shower off and reached out to the large yellow bath towel awaiting her on the railing just outside the shower door. The steam had fogged all the mirrors in the bathroom and she felt totally refreshed, although a little tired. She realized she was smiling, and a warm glow covered her chest as she thought about how far she had come in these last few months. She used the soft terry material to dry herself and paying very special attention to the sensitive areas on her body. The soft blotting of the towel felt wonderful. She opened to door into her bedroom and walked over to the bureau. After the first step, a movement caught the corner of her eye and she froze. Across the dark room, it moved again.

"Damn!" She exclaimed, as she exhaled loudly and walked over to shut the window that looked over the small yard to the rear of the house. The movement of the curtain had stopped her in her tracks and with her heart racing, she scolded herself for being so jumpy. It had been a hot day and her roommates had obviously opened the window to the back of the house to get air circulating. Funny, she hadn't noticed it being open before her shower. She waved it off with thoughts of fatigue from her run and her eagerness to get under that hot water. With her long, auburn hair in a fresh towel around her head, she walked over the bureau. As she opened the thin drawer that held the soft boxer shorts, adorned with the smiling face of Pooh, she loved to wear to bed, a strong hand grabbed her from behind. Fear struck at her heart as her eyes widened at the sight in the mirror of the dark clad man holding her tight against him. One hand over her mouth, stopping the cry that emitted from her lips and the other around her waist, easily holding her as if she were a ragdoll.

She struggled but his grip got tighter. "Don't scream or fight me, and you will live through this!" The suddenness of his words and the strength of his voice in her ear sent shivers down her spine. The sudden realization of her nakedness and the warm hardness she felt against her lower back fueled the terror behind her eyes as hers were locked with his. He was dressed entirely in black. A ski mask covered his face, leaving holes for his piercing emerald eyes.

His breath against her ear sent chills right to her core as he told her, "Don't be so surprised. I have been watching you for a long time now. You have sensed me there so many times that you grew used to feel of my eyes on your body. You know inside that you enjoyed feeling my presence around you, like the gargoyle that stands over the great cathedral, like a guardian. Knowing you were protected, but afraid of the protector. I see inside you, past all the walls you use to keep everyone else away from the hidden chambers in your mind and the deep secrets that burn in your heart."

His voice captivates her mind. She feels he is correct with all that he said but her mind refuses to surrender. Her eyes break contact as she glances down at the top of the bureau in front of her. His glance follows hers and they happen upon the letter opener at the same time. His grip tightens, "Don't even think about it." The thought leaves her mind as quickly as it came.

He picked her up and carried her roughly to the bed. Pushing her down onto the bed face down, covering her with his body. She cannot hardly move, let alone fight back. He is much bigger and stronger than she is. He removes the towel from around her head, letting her wet hair fall across her face. Even in this particular light and circumstance, he cannot help his breath catching at her beauty.

Once he has removed every bit of cover she has, he places a black silk scarf around her head, covering her eyes. She strains to see, but to no avail. She feels him lift his body off of her but maintaining his grip. Placing her hands over her head, she feels his wrap a strong but smooth rope of some kind around her wrists. She immediately begins to struggle but his strong grip and sharp, "Stop", halts her every move. She realizes he has total control and that she is at his mercy.

The realization that her body is responding with excitement sets off a war in her mind. How can she enjoy this? This man was taking her will away, yet somehow, she did not feel her life was in danger. In fact, his words from before began to haunt her mind. "Is he familiar?" "Have I felt him as a presence in my world?" "Does he see past my walls?" Over the years, she had placed so many there, not allowing anyone to deter her from her goals. Graduating college, becoming a professional, and yes, even ensuring she was not dependent on another. She promised herself that she would always be able to take care of herself.

The sudden shift of the bed brought her mind racing back to her current situation. With her hands securely fastened over her head to the bed and the blindfold in place, he lifted himself off the bed and her. He stood there, looking down on her beautiful body. Admiring God's work. How he had longed for this time, this very day. She shivered as he used his fingertip to trace from her heel up the backside of her leg. His touch trailed off to nothing as he moved up her thigh. Closing her mouth tight quickly stifled a cry of disappointment inside her head.

Refusing to let him know that her body was beginning to awaken. She could hear his smile and she realized that he could see the goosebumps she now felt across her thighs. She felt him reach down and lift her calf up, bending her leg at the knee.

"Ohhhhhhhhh", she cried out as he kissed her soft instep. A soft warm mouth in an area that was so sensitive. She tried to pull her foot away but the leverage and grip of his hand could not be overcome. She heard his laugh as he begin to kiss it again, this time letting his warm, wet tongue begin to tease and travel to her toes. She began to shake as a low moan left her mouth. The very second that he took a toe into his mouth and began to suck on it gently, electric shock shook her body from her foot to her head, especially right through her wetting pussy.

"OH GOD!" she exclaimed. He knew that she could hardly stand this intimate attack on a particular sensitive area, so he began to kiss up the backside of her leg. Each kiss followed by a soft stroke of a warm tongue against her soft skin. As he approached the very sensitive backside of her knee, her legs involuntarily parted slightly. This simple action amused him as much as it surprised her. That her body would betray her so easily shocked her so much.

She could feel the wetness between her legs and knew with the parting of her legs, he could see the dewy moisture forming on her sweet pussy lips. In fact, he was so close he could now smell the intoxicating aroma of her arousal. Her breath came in gasps as his tongue softly stroked the area behind her knee. She could not keep her hips still as his fingers began to trace up her inner thighs. His warm mouth followed his fingers and began to nibble and lick the sensitive area. As his mouth came closer to her now very wet lips, his hands moved to her ass. Each hand grasped tightly a very firm cheek and squeezed gently as he blow a warm breath across your sensitive nether lips. She moaned loudly as the sensations filled her mind with bright lights. Even though she was blindfolded, she squeezed her eyes shut with the sensations running through her body. She was trembling uncontrollably and when his tongue, wide and flat, came in contact with her eager pussy for the first time, she could hear a loud moan, almost animalistic. It seemed like seconds, but was really just immediate when she realized that noise was coming from her mouth.

Her first orgasm shattered any thoughts of maintaining some sort of dignity and decorum. She screamed into her pillow as wave upon wave hit her like electric shock! Oh how he loves feeding off the power she was giving him. He controlled her pleasure, he decided how much, how little. He quickly swallowed as much of her overflowing juices as he could; the taste was so sweet. Her nectar ran down his chin and she slowly came back to earth.

My Summer Alone

I had just gotten home for summer break from school. I was 20 and it was in between my sophomore and junior years at college. I had only been home a couple weeks when my mom got a phone call that my uncle was sick. So my parents packed their suitcases and prepared to head to Michigan to be with my aunt and uncle while the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong. I wasn't worried about being alone. I had been left alone numerous times before and it was no big deal. We lived in a small town and besides I had Buck, our dog to keep me company and protect me.

My folks left on Wednesday. And things were completely normal. It was the following Monday and I had just finished weeding the flower bed for my mom. I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up since I had been working in the yard all day. Just as I was finishing Buck started to bark. I didn't think much of it. He often barked when the neighbors would go by or if a dog was running around loose. Since I was home alone I didn't worry about putting much on, I simply slipped a t shirt over my still wet body and opened the bathroom door. As I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom I realized something was very strange.

Buck was still barking but he sounded like he was shut in my parents room. I thought to myself how strange that was, he must have bumped the door when he was reacting to whatever he saw outside. But before I could let him out of their room I was grabbed by the arm from behind. And a male voice told me to leave the dog where it was. I was led into my bedroom, where another male was waiting. I tried to speak but as I opened my mouth it was filled with a gag of some sort. Then the guy who had grabbed me pulled me over to my bed, and forced me down on to it.

He smiled and said "I know you are home alone, and let me tell you I am going to enjoy that fact." I looked up at him and tried to speak but the gag wouldn't let me say anything just some mumbles could be heard. The two guys looked at each other and one said "I think she is telling us she is glad we are here, and that she would like us to get started." They both laughed and with that I was pushed down on my back. I heard a strange sound and looked over to the side of my bed and the second guy was unzipping his pants.

His cock was semi hard, but it was already about 5 inches in length. I started to cry but that just made them angry. They discussed what they were going to do to me first. Then they said well let's see what she wants to do first. And with that the gag was removed from my mouth. I quickly blurted out, "Please don't do this, I have never had sex before, please don't hurt me." This caused them to both laugh again, as they put the gag back in my mouth. Then one said, "Even better, a virgin, we are getting a bonus, we are gonna fuck ourselves a virgin." And with that the t shirt that I had put on, was torn off of my body, revealing my 36C breasts. And my bare bush.

Both guys looked at me with a hungry look on their faces. One grabbed a belt and tied my hands to my headboard. Which also pushed my breasts out further into their view. And without warning. One of the two leaned over me and took my left nipple into his mouth. And began nibbling on it. It hurt and I tried to squirm out of his mouth but it didn't work. The other had already placed himself down by my pussy.

He pushed my legs apart and said hey Brett, come check out this pussy, it is beautiful.. and tight, It is gonna feel really good to fuck this. Brett stopped sucking on my tit long enough to look down toward my pussy. Oh, yeah Robert, This is going to be good. With that Brett went back to sucking on my tit. And Robert lowered his head down between my legs. Suddenly I could feel his tongue licking at my vagina. And without realizing it I lifted my hips toward him. "Oh, yeah she is into this."

And then Robert took a finger and inserted it. In and out of my pussy with his finger he went. I couldn't believe I was being taken by these two strangers and it actually was starting to feel good. Brett had had enough of sucking on my tit for the moment. And he pulled out his cock. He took out the gag and told me there was no denying that I wanted this and to open wide. Without hesitation I Opened my mouth and received his cock. Brett was pumping in and out of my mouth, He rammed it so hard into my mouth that I almost gagged. But he didn't care. "Come on bitch you know you want to suck it. Now suck my cock." So I began giving Brett a blow job. As Brett began a rhythm of fucking my mouth. Robert commented on how wet my pussy was and that he thought I was ready for him to fill me with his cock.

I didn't want them to realize it but I was getting turned on. I had always been to afraid to do anything with the guys at school but this gave me the chance to not be able to chicken out. As Robert took his finger out of me, he positioned himself between my legs. I could see him preparing to stab me with his dick and I now know I wanted him to. I was ready to be fucked for the first time. As he got closer I spread my legs farther apart for him. He looked up at me and winked.

"Don't worry your gonna get the fuck of your life you little cunt." Just then Brett shot a load into my mouth. I could barely swallow it down. He turned to Robert and said, "Damn, I didn't even have to tell her to swallow it. She is a natural cock sucker if I ever saw one."

With that Brett took his spent now softening cock out of my mouth and stepped to the side so he could watch his buddy ram my pussy for the first time. Robert moved up now that Brett was gone and looked at me. "I know you are aching to be filled with my meat, bitch, now beg me to fuck you."

I looked at him in shock, but there was no denying it. I was on fire. So I looked him in the eye and said it. "Please fuck me. Fuck me hard and do it now, please" I begged.

With that he smiled. He leaned into me and I could feel his cock on the edge of my pussy. I was getting impatient, so I lifted my hips and pushed toward him until he was barely inside my hole. I took a deep breath and then he did it. He slammed his cock into me. I yelped in pain but part of me was so excited by it. I was experiencing something I had never known and it did feel good. Robert began pumping in and out a little deeper with each thrust. And I was starting to get into the groove with him meeting his thrust with my own. I couldn't believe it, it felt so good. I had been taken against my will and I was so turned on. His cock filled me and I loved it. I began moaning and playing with my tits. He began pumping me harder and harder.

Then I realized he was completely inside me as deep as he could go. His balls were slapping against my ass as he went in and out of my tight little hole. I got so into it I began moaning more and more. I was begging him to fuck me harder and faster. And he did. He met every request with more and more of what I asked for. It felt unbelievable. And then I could feel his balls tense as he slapped against me. And then he filled my pussy with it's first cum ever . It sent me into instant orgasm myself. My tight twat locked around him and it made him cum harder.

"Oh, god I can't take it" Fuck me harder" I yelled. "God it feels so good Thank you, Thank you for fucking me! I want more please don't stop" But Robert pulled out. I looked over and just as I was starting to say something Brett positioned himself and shoved deep into my dripping hole with ease. "Oh yeah fuck me Brett, Fuck me! I want you to fuck me until I drain you dry."

He pounded my cunt hard and it felt good. I was in ecstasy it felt so good. I had never known what it would be like. I never imagined it felt this good. I wanted to fuck forever. Just then Robert untied my hands. And I began to play with his dick as he stood and watched. I looked at him and I licked my lips. I was being pounded by Brett's monster I begged for Robert to fuck my mouth. He stuck his dick into my mouth and I sucked him with great joy. I was being taken and I was giving head and I couldn't believe how good it felt. I took them both in my pussy and in my mouth at least 4 or 5 times. And then they tied my hands back behind my head and Robert disappeared.

Next thing I knew Robert reappeared. He had a video camera and a picture camera. I was on fire I didn't care. Let them take pictures just fuck me.. Then Brett reached down between my legs and stuck a big vibrator into my hole. "Yes, thank you, thank you for filling my hole."

Brett stroked it in and out of me. Then he turned it on. It was so intense. "Oh god I don't care what it is just fuck me. Oh yeah that feels good." I rode that dildo hard and arched my back and Brett pushed it deep into my dripping pussy. And they video taped the whole thing. I was a slut I didn't care what was inside me. It felt so good. Robert and Brett promised to come back the next day at the same time.

They told me that they planned on fucking me in the ass then and that they would bring a couple of friends along. I told them that I would leave the door unlocked for them and they could visit anytime they wanted. I was taken by at least 15 guys in the month my folks were gone. And I enjoyed every single one of them. So now anytime I am at my parents house alone I leave the door unlocked and await my visitors.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Debt Payment

Illness had hit me hard, I hadn't been able to work for some three months now, my business and my bank balance were both suffering. The bills were mounting up and court dates seemed to pour through the letterbox every day. My wife, Lin, in between looking after me and the children worked part-time to try and make ends meet but her wages rarely did much more than put food on the table.

One Thursday there was a knock at the door, Lin went to answered it and was followed into the sitting room by three men. My heart jumped into my mouth, it was Ray, a business associate of mine, a shady character with a matching reputation, flanked by two large evil looking men. Ray didn't look very happy, his friends looked even unhappier and if Ray and looked unhappy then rest assured someone very probably owed him money, and unfortunately in this instance it was me.

"Honey,", Lin started, "these men want to talk about some business, would you like me to make some tea?", but I didn't get chance to reply.

"Where's my money?", Ray demanded.

I nervously began to stutter and stumble my way through a sentence trying to explain how I had been ill, but I was nearly better now and that he would get his money back next month and I would....

Ray interrupted, repeating himself, "where's my money?", stabbing each word impatiently at me.

Lin froze, I could see her looking for me to say something, her face full of panic.

"I haven't got it Ray", I said sheepishly, "give me one more month. Please."


He said OK. I breathed a sigh of relief. Phew, that was close.

"You've got one month. But for now I want some sort of interest payment". He turned to one of his men, "cut a finger off Bob".

The man called Bob pulled a large serrated knife from the inside of his coat and started approaching me. My heart filled with terror and as I began pleading and begging Ray to stop, Bob neared.

Lin began screaming. "NO. STOP. I'll do anything for you to stop. Just STOP!!".

"Stop Bob, this sounds interesting", said Ray, "exactly what will you do little woman? What?"

"Stay out of this Lin", I shouted, but my outburst earned me nothing more than the knife being waved in my face. I decided it was probably better if I stayed quiet.

"Do you want to please me?", Ray asked. Lin said nothing, just ashamedly nodded. My stomach turned, from his first enquiry I could see where the questions were going to go, he was going to make my wife sexually satisfy him in one way or another, shape or form. The knife still pointing towards me I had no other option apart from to sit and watch this torment, hoping my suspicions were wrong.

"Would you let me kiss you?" again, no response from Lin just a nod.

"I can't hear you, yes or no?"

"Yes", came the reply.

"Stick my tongue in your mouth?"


"Feel your tits?"


"Stick my fingers in your pussy?"


"Let me lick your pussy?"

"Yes". Ray clearly was becoming exited, the tone of his voice more enthusiastic with each question. He looked at me and grinned smugly, relishing in my obvious discomfort.

"Will you suck my cock?"

"Yes", my wife answered.

"Swallow my cum?"


"Lick my arsehole?". Lin paused, shocked. "Lick my arsehole?", he said again. Lin was silent. "Or hubby loses a finger?"

"OK. YES", Lin spat.

Disgruntled by Lin's pause Ray taunted her with his next question. "Stick your tongue up my arsehole?"

Lin again paused at first, screwed her eyes shut and answered, "yes."

"Let me fuck you?"


"Let me fuck you up your arse?"


"Be my slut?"


"So, you will do anything then?"

"I said YES!!"

Ray paced up and down the room briefly, thinking. "OK, let's recap here", he said after a minute or so, "Instead of me cutting fingers off, you've offered yourself as an interest payment to me since your sad husband over here (Ray waved a hand over to where I was sitting) cannot pay me what he owes me. OK?", a agreeing nod from Lin followed his sentence. "I could pay a whore £50 to satisfy me, which is what you're offering me, but I think fingers are worth more than £50. Don't you? So, here's the deal. You will be my whore, starting as from now, to do what I please with until the account is settled. Agreed?"

I couldn't believe what he was proposing, one fuck, a blow job, whatever - that would have been bad enough, but every day until I had paid him off?....bastard.

Lin nodded her head.

"OK, let's get started then. Strip."

The other thing I didn't expect was to have to suffer the humiliation of my wife being taken in front of me.

Lin obeyed Ray, she removed her T-shirt, unhooked and took off her bra, unzipped and pulled down her jeans and slid the white panties she wore down her pale white legs and stepped out of them. She stood there naked, the three of us looking at her bare breasts, her round arse, her golden pubes.

Ray walked over to Lin. "And, this better be good or bye bye digits. Make sure you enjoy it, I like plenty of dirty talk. OK?"

He kissed her, gently at first, then deeply, his tongue moving in her mouth against the inside of her cheek. For the next five minutes we watched them French kiss as Ray explored her body, running his hands over arse, squeezing and caressing her tits, probing her warm cunt with his fingers.

"OK now get on the floor. I want to fuck you now", he said. He turned to me, "Hey buddy, I'm going to fuck your wife. I'm going to fuck your wife every day until you pay me. I'm going to fuck your wife and shoot my load in her, shoot my cum deep in her pussy, deep in her womb and you know what? I hope she gets pregnant. Your wife pregnant with my child because I fucked her and all because you didn't pay me."

Uncannily, his taunts couldn't have been more correct. Lin had come off the pill recently so I've had to wear condoms when we make love. Here was this man about to fuck her unprotected cunt. Becoming pregnant was a distinct possibility.

Lin got onto the carpet in the middle of the room as she was told, her knees bent and spread apart, exposing her sweet vagina lips that had been mine only these past nine years.

Ray unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the floor, he pulled his underpants to down to around his ankles, releasing the bulge in them which was his erect cock. He knelt down in between my wife's legs and unceremoniously shoved his member into Lin's awaiting pussy. Slowly he began pumping in and out of her.

"You like that don't you my dirty little slut?"

"Yes", Lin groaned. I know that he threatened her that it better be good, I thought to myself, but was it really necessary for her to have to pretend to enjoy being fucked by this creep as well?

Then a thought hit deep inside me, leaving me feeling sick to my stomach - perhaps she was really enjoying being fucked like a whore. No, surely not, she must playing along because she was frightened of him. Mustn't she?

"Come on, slut, act dirty. You like me fucking you don't you?"

"Oooh, yeah, fuck me hard, don't stop, come on, fuck me."

"That's better. Am I better than your husband?"

"Oh god yes! Your cock is sooo big and hard, bigger than his, thicker than his. You fuck me like only a real man can", she gushed.

Embarrassed and humiliated, not only was my wife now temporarily owned and being fucked in front of me by this slimeball, but he was making he tell him he was better than me. Things got worse.

"You like real men?"

"I like real men with big cocks."

"I bet you fuck plenty of big cocks don't you? I bet you're a horny little bitch when you're away from your precious hubby. When you're pretending to be out with the girls, or pretending to be at work and hubby's ill at home with the kids, you're spreading your legs for some guy you picked up in the back of his car with your skirt around your waist, your knickers around your ankles letting him pump his cock into you, letting him grope your arse and feel your tits and letting him fill your cunt full of semen. Don't you?"

Lin said nothing. She didn't go along with game. Surely there couldn't be any truth in what he was saying. Lin was faithful to me. Wasn't she?

Ray was obviously thinking along the same lines as he pounded her warm wet pussy. He smiled like he'd just struck gold.

"Don't you", he continued, "you cheat on your husband. You fuck around like a cheap slut."

"No". A half hearted reply. "Just fuck me hard, oooh, cum inside me", she groaned trying to stop him persuing the questioning.

"Don't you?", he rammed his cock against her mound forcefully, daring her to confess to her infidelity. "Don't you? DON'T YOU?"

"YES", she cried.

"Who do you fuck?"

"Someone at work, Jason"

"Why do you fuck him?"

"I don't know."

"Is it because your husband's a no-hoper who's not man enough to satisfy your needs"


Ray felt her pussy contract around his stiff cock as her own admission of guilt brought her to orgasm.

Dumbfounded, speechless, I sat and watched in shock as Lin gasped and groaned in ecstasy, almost oblivious to my presence.

Ray turned to me like the cat that's got the cream, "looks like you haven't been paying your wife enough attention and someone else has". A smirk crept across his face as he continued his relentless pounding of his cock in my wife's pussy.

"Oooh I'm going to cum. Going to cum in my slut's pussy, are you ready for my cum?"

"Mmmm, fill me with your seed, pump your semen deep inside me."

Ray clenched his buttocks and grunted as he came in my wife, her legs waving in the air.

When he finished he turned to the two gorillas, "what d'you reckon it's going to be, a boy or a girl?"

Laughter. The gorillas, Ray and Lin - LIN WAS LAUGHING WITH THEM!!!

Ray got up, his cock still half erect and wet from semen and Lin's pussy. "Spread your legs wide out honey so your husband can see your messy little pussy". Lin smiled and opened her legs wide, cum visible in her cunt and on her pussy lips, the thick white semen sticking to her golden pubes, dripping down in between the crack of her arse, onto the blue carpet. "Remember you'll still do anything?", Ray asked lin.

"Yeah", she replied.

"Well my friends over here look a bit frustrated. I want to you to let them fuck you."

"Of course", Lin agreed, like she was completely in his control.

"OK boys", said Ray, "she's all yours, have a go of her each."

Both the men fucked my wife in turn, squelching their cocks in her wet cunt, her legs wrapped round them, her hands joined around the back of their necks, they deposited their sperm in her pussy along with Rays, and who knows, Jason's?

When they had finished he made Lin spread her legs again so we could see her now red pussy filled with sperm.

Ray looked over at me, "hey buddy, you're missing out on the fun. I think you should join in. Come and lie on the floor". Reluctantly, with the knife still pointed at me I took my place on the carpet. "Ok", said Ray, "I have a problem. I want to fuck your wife again, but she's a bit wet for my liking. So, I like you to lick her out and clean her up for me. OK slut, sit on his face". Lin knelt over me with each leg either side of my head. As she did so, big drops of sperm dripped from her cunt and landed and splashed on my face. She lowered her pussy down over my mouth, the cum on her pubic hair and thighs smearing over my cheeks and chin.

"OK loverboy start eating the cum out of her pussy, I want none left, or bye bye fingers". I began slurping the salty fluid from her drenched pussy, my tongue darting up her sticky canal.

As I looked up Lin was playing with her tits and groaning. Ray stood in front of her and offered his cock to her mouth. She started sucking and licking his cock, slurping noisily on his tool taking it deep down her throat. He pulled his cock from her mouth, turned round and bent over. "Ok slut, lick my arsehole". Hesitantly she lapped away in-between his buttocks which seemed to send him wild, pushing his arse in her face even more.

"Ooooh yeah, now stick your tongue up my arsehole, oooh yeah, that's it, further, yes, yes, wiggle it about, mmmmm, don't stop bitch, I'm going to cum again". He spun around and stuck his cock in her face, rubbing it until he exploded over Lin's mouth and chin. Blobs of sperm dripped on to her tits and on my hair, the man seemed to cum a pint of the stuff. "Lick me clean whore", he demanded. My wife complied, licking and swallowing his cum as I carried on licking the cocktail of cum from her pussy.

Again, the other two men took it in turn to have their cocks serviced by my wife, but each choosing to cum in her mouth and have her swallow it all.

"OK", said Ray, "time to go boys. Remember slut, I'll be back tomorrow with some business clients. Dress sexy, suspender belts, stockings that sort of stuff. Later...."

The men got dressed and left.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fun With Knives

Some people only wear fetish gear in the privacy of their own bedrooms, leaving their desires and "perverse" habits for no one to see but themselves. Not me. I love the feel of cool slippery vinyl on my skin, and the smell of a hot leather corset pushing up my large breasts, proudly displaying them for anyone who might want a peek. Many people mistake me for "goth," but I like to think, that I'm more simply an uninhibited, free spirit. I don't dress like this for sex; I dress like this because I love to.

It's not that I'm not used to being looked at, but there was a man on the bus LOOKING at me. It was not the way a man looks at a woman, it was the way a wolf looks at prey. I got off the bus, and didn't think much of it after that.

For three days, the same man was on the bus. He was tall and muscular, with long dark hair, and striking green eyes. Every time I moved, I could feel those eyes on me, until the fourth day. He wasn't on the bus. I was relieved, but disappointed, though I couldn't tell you why.

I got home and slid the key into the lock, and turned. The door swung on the well-oiled hinges into the house. I turned on the light, and threw my bag down on the large waterbed that is the centerpiece of my apartment. I unlaced my tall black boots, and flung them into a dark corner of the closet. I sat down and started to undo the garters on my knee-high fish net stockings when I felt someone behind me. As I started to turn I felt the coldness of steel against the skin of my neck.

"Don't move a fucking muscle." Came from the deep, raspy voice behind me. "If you try and fight me in any way, I'll cut you up so bad that no one will ever glance at that pretty face of yours again."

Being the belligerent, and smart-ass I am, I simply responded "Can't get a date, eh?"

I felt the sting of the slap to my face before I realized he had moved in front of me and hit me. I looked up with defiant eyes, and saw the man from the bus. He was holding a large knife that glinted in the light. It had obviously been well cared for. He trailed the tip down my cheek, and I felt the sting of cut flesh, and the small beads of blood began to form and slide down my face. It suddenly occurred to me that I would not be able to talk my way out of something like this.

He slid the blade down to my neck, being careful this time, not to break the skin. He hooked the tip of the knife on the vinyl corset I was wearing and slashed downwards, going through the shiny fabric like a hot knife through butter. The bra snapped in two with an expert flick of his wrist.

"Please don't…" I said, one tear trailing down the corner of my eye, already beginning to swell from the blow he'd dealt me.

If he had heard me, he didn't show any indication of it, while he almost gently rolled the fishnets down my long, alabaster white legs. He moved back up, and stopped, while he was kneeling between my legs, his hungry eyes, level with my breasts. Moving the tip of the knife back up to my throat he started licking one, then the other. Flicking the ring on my left nipple so gently that I moaned in pleasure. He grabbed my hair hard with his other hand, and pulled my head back, so my neck was straining, and he moved forward and nipped at my collar bone, while the hand with the knife slowly traced bloodied lines down my back. The combination of the small cuts, and the pleasure from his bites was getting me wet.

In a sudden rage he ripped off my skirt, and cut the sides of the thong I was wearing, and I was naked before him. "Lie down." He said, motioning with the knife. I moved backwards until I was lying on my back, with my legs hanging off the edge of the bed, and I could feel his gaze on me like something physical. I heard him remove his pants, and the head of his cock pushing against my small, wet cunt. "Put your hands above your head." He whispered, and I did. He held both my wrists with one hand, and put the knife down. Once the knife was a safe distance away, his hands were roaming my body, leaving trails of molten fire everywhere they grazed, and caressed.

He started pushing forward with his hips, so slowly I thought my body was going to burst with the ache of wanting him inside me. I writhed beneath him, but he held me down, and when he was buried to the hilt, he shuddered. He started sliding in and out of me faster and faster, I could feel my breasts bounce with each thrust up, and in time, I started thrusting back. I didn't care that I didn't know this man, that I didn't know this man, that for all intensive purposes he was raping me. It was my body, wanting that final release from all the tension. He bit my nipple hard, and thrust into me one last time, and I clenched around him hard, and we both came.

I think my orgasm surprised him as much as it surprised me. He moved back, quickly got dressed, and went to the door. He looked back, and I said, "You could have just asked, you know."

With a wry grin he replied, "Yeah, but it wouldn't have been nearly as fun…or memorable." And he left.

I never saw him again, but I still have small, even scars on my back; as a reminder.€

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Duct Tape

I woke up around 3:00 a.m. to some scuffling sounds outside my bedroom. I figured it was just our cat trying to get in to sleep on our bed. I got up quietly trying not to wake up my wife. When I opened the bedroom door and didn’t see our cat anywhere I wasn’t sure I hear anything at all.

While I was getting up and looking around, four buglers were crawling in through the “cat door” that is cut into our back door. They had already entered the house and were starting to quietly look for valuables. I met the first one in the hallway downstairs.

It was pretty dark in the house but I could make out the silhouette of a person crouched down sneaking around. The bugler didn’t see me though I was back at the end of the hallway in a corner. I just waited silently for him to make his way to me and when he was almost touching me I kicked full force and knocked him down the hall on his back. I went up to him cautiously ready to attack again but he was out cold. Thinking that he was the only one I dragged him into the living room and turned on the lamp.

Light shattered the darkness in the living room and in one second I realized that he was not alone. The other three buglers were in the living room silently rummaging through our stuff. One was unplugging and removing my VCR and stereo equipment from the entertainment center. One was going through my desk drawers. The other was coming out of the kitchen with a butcher knife. The other two quickly drew knives and surrounded me. I am a normal size guy and probably could have kicked all three of there asses but the fact that they all had knives worried me. Losing some material possessions is not worth being bludgeoned and stabbed to death over plus I have a wife to think about and I would like to start a family someday.

“ You all better get the hell out of here,” I warned, “ I think your buddy here is hurt pretty bad.” They all remained quiet, black ski masks covering their faces. “ Well what are you waiting on,” I asked defiantly. The bugler in the kitchen spoke first,” If you lay down on the floor face first with your hands over your head you wont get hurt and we will leave soon.” I reluctantly lay down on the carpet and placed my arms straight out on the floor above my head. Within a few minutes I was duct taped up from my hands, arms, and all the way up and down my legs. They even wrapped it around my head covering my eyes. The leader or whatever asked me if there was anyone else in the house. “ No, no one else,” I lied to them hoping they wouldn’t go upstairs to our bedroom. He then asked me where the good stuff was at. “ What do you mean?” I asked. “ You know cash, jewelry, easy to pawn stuff, you know easy money,” the leader said calmly. “ This is all down here,” I said trying to sound honest and sincere. The leader did not answer me back he just rolled me over on my back and walked away to continue their pillaging of our home.

I struggled with my restraints but could not get them loose. They had wrapped it around on top of itself a few times in key areas. The blindfold they had taped around my head and across my eyebrows was relatively loose at the bottom and I could see a thin view down in front of me and directly on my sides. I could see them making a pile of our valuables on the floor. They had all my credit cards and cash in my wallet from on the kitchen counter, my pager and cell phone, my wife’s purse and watch. They had found our camcorder as well and our savings jar, everything downstairs was in a pile.

I thought that they were going to leave; they already had a huge pile of loot. Then I heard them going upstairs, one of them waited by the pile he probably thought he was safe from recognition and removed his ski mask. I could tell he was only a teenager probably seventeen or eighteen, skinny with a facial piercing. “ I could have taken these punks,” I thought to myself. Then one came down from upstairs and told his buddy quietly that there was something upstairs. I panicked, the only thing upstairs other that my lovely wife is a big screen TV and furniture.

Just then the bugler I had surprised in the hall was coming to. “ What the fuck,” he asked in a little bit of a stupor? The other two buglers filled him in, and with that the injured one proceeded to kick me in the ribs and legs a few times to get even with me for the bruise in the middle of his chest and the knot on the back of his head.

The other two filled him in on what was upstairs. I cringed but they all grinned. They told him to be quiet that they didn’t want to wake her until we all got upstairs. I didn’t understand, “ All upstairs” what did that mean. Just then one grabbed my arms the other grabbed me y my legs and the injured one pulled more duct tape over my face covering my mouth completely. While they started making their way down the hall towards the stairs my pager went off vibrating. The injured bugler turned around to pick it up and also grabbed the camcorder then turned around to make his way upstairs behind us.

It was still dark upstairs when they met the leader outside the bedroom door. They whispered to each other for a few seconds. I couldn’t quite hear what they were saying. They left me lying on the hallway floor with the injured bugler beside me he kneeled down and whispered to me “ It’s all right dude we’re just gona make a movie.” My heart was pounding. The other three quickly entered the bedroom I could hear my wife struggling and the sound of duct tape unrolling. Then they turned on the light. Once they had her secured they came back out and picked me up and carried me in the room placing me on the bed beside my wife. There she was her smooth tan skin her shapely legs taped together the same manner as mine. I could only see her from about the top of her stomach down to her feet and off the edge of the bed. We were facing the same direction face up. I could see the bottom of her white nightie and her purple lace panties, then two of the buglers come into view at the edge of the bed one was holding our camcorder taping this! One of them pulled her by her calves down further towards the edge of the bed. I now could see from the top of her head down. She was trying to plead through the duct tape but could not make anything out; the group of buglers chuckled a little. There was now two at the foot of the bed and one on each side of the bed.

Their sick game had begun; one pulled out a knife and began cutting through the tape between her calves from below. Then he pulled the tape off fast and hard making a loud ripping sound. He repeated this process up her legs then when he cut the last piece of tape from the top of her thigh and was able to spread her legs apart he slammed into her pubic area very hard and remained there over her she started to cry. Then he cut the tape from her arms and a bugler on either side grabbed one. One of her arms was across my stomach. The leader then began slowly cutting the nightie off of my wife leaving it to still cover her breasts. This light slow cutting must have made her nervous, it made her nipples very hard and she also wet herself, and the bed, and the buglers jeans in the crotch area.

He got up looking at the wet spot on his black jeans, then at the puddle forming underneath my wife’s ass on the bed. He held her legs firmly and started pulling off her purple lace and now soaking wet panties from under her ass cheeks. The bugler filming was snickering he took time to close up as the leader slowly pulled off my wife’s panties with her legs together and up in the air. The teenage cameraman almost dropped the camcorder when he saw my wife’s beautiful brunette pussy. She keeps it hairy but very close cut all around and now it was wet and glistening I think they both almost blew a load when they saw their prize.

The leader finished pulling off her panties and told the one on my side of the bed to put them in my mouth. Arm holder pulled the tape off my mouth with a rip and just as fast had balled up and crammed the lacy panties in my mouth and quickly replaced the duct tape. I could almost taste the fear in my wife’s urine. The leader took off his black jeans and boxers and jacked on his dick a time or two. Without any preparation he hoped back on the bed and drove his teenage dick inside my wife with one quick jab. He let out a groan of pleasure and started fucking my wife violently fast causing her white nightie to fall away from her breasts. They bounced with each of the leaders thrusts flopping back and forth side-to-side. The leader blew his load quick he pulled out and strayed a shower of watery cum over her stomach and pubic area.

Then the leader swapped places with the cameraman, the punk I had injured took his place between my wife’s legs he looked towards me and said,” This is for kicking me mother fucker.” He then placed my wife’s legs over his shoulders and unzipped his jeans. He spit down and lubed himself up. Then he started fucking her, I could tell immediately by the way my wife’s crying had turned into squealing that he was fucking her in the ass. He did this for a few minutes and then pulled out and stood over us and shot a thick drippy wad all over my wife’s face. I was humiliated.

The buglers took turns like this for almost an hour just fucking her and when one was about to cum they would pull out and wait while another one of them kept fucking her etc. They roughly played with her breasts and made her suck on a realistic dildo they found in her dresser drawer while they were fucking her. Then they pulled her up and moved me to the middle of the bed and laid her face down across me with her ass in the air. Her stomach was over my stomach, her breasts were pressed against my side her knees at my other side. One bugler pinned her arms down with his legs and sat over the back of her head with his ass his balls were on the back of her neck. Then one stood up on the bed and started fucking her doggie style, every time he slammed into her I could feel him pushing her into me and me into the bed. The headboard was slapping the wall and my wife was starting to cum even though she was trying not to. When my wife started cumming so did the bugler except this time he didn’t pull out he shot his load inside my wife! The bugler pinning my wife down was facing the action and when the one guy pulled his spent dick out of her the pinner spread my wife’s ass and smacked her hard on the ass several times and she started cumming again! I felt her hot cum mixed with the cum from the bugler running down the inside of her thighs and onto my side. I think I am going to be sick.

They all took turns fucking my wife doggie style and not pulling out they came inside her over and over at least ten times all together. It was starting to get light outside so they put us in 69 position with her swollen pussy over my face still duct taped up but I could smell it. Then they freed my erect and sore penis and placed it in my wife’s mouth and duct taped her head to my waist so she couldn’t remove it from her mouth. Then they taped her legs to my head so she couldn’t move that way either and taped her hands behind her back.

They had all dressed and were leaving when my pager went off again. One bugler said,” I have a good idea.” He actually pushed the pager inside of my wife’s pussy cum oozed out from around it. I heard them loading our belongings into our SUV in the garage and leaving. Just as my boss was starting to page me for work Every time he paged the pager would vibrate inside of her making her quiver. My boss kept paging me every five minutes, finally I couldn’t help it seeing her cum every time the pager tickled her I blew my long awaited load of sticky cum in my wife’s mouth. She was gagging but I couldn’t help it I know my wife is a whore now. This was the best trade I ever made.